Spring Jacquard on the top, air shield, stiffy pads, futon pads and 300g jacquard. Including 20ml bamboo foam on one both sides with chip foam on both sides as well as bamboo jacquard hypo allogenic foam. Foam sheets cover the springs adding exra luxury. 


Advantages Of Bamboo Fabric

  • Bamboo Fibre is environmentally friendly. The plants are not treated with pesticides. A safer choice mattress that does not contain harmful chemicals.
  • Another benefit of Bamboo Fabric is the anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite properties. An ideal mattress choice for those suffering from allergies.
  • Thirdly Bamboo Fabric is fresh and breathable. An ideal fabric to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Also, an ideal mattress to regulate body temperature.
  • Bamboo plants are strong and therefore the fibre of the textile is durable.
  • Bamboo fibre provides added softness to the sleeper. The mattress will take the shape of your body.
  • An environmentally friendly choice.
  • Bamboo Mattresses provide spinal support.

Night Owl Mattress

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